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Oct 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
games. everything is going their way great defense. key play last night greg actually missed the target which was brandon in the circle there. he airmails the throw right to marco who came over from second to back up the play. heads up. he makes the perfect relay for the tag on prince. as for ryan he's on the mound tomorrow night against very good pitcher in sanchez for detroit. 3 and o this post season with him starting. bruce preaching defense since day one spring training and it's shown. >> major part of the game. i said so many times. player can have a great game despite not getting a hit he can go out and help win a ball game. we have players that have that ability. >> we are definitely not taking this for granted. we'll play the type of baseball we have been playing and try to win as soon as possible. >>reporter: now while the rest of the giants are already in detroit pitcher lopez is making a stop in denver for the birth of his son. he will hop on flight tomorrow and join his team mates in time for game 3. in detroit. this post season lopez lefty wicked on listened batters
Nov 1, 2012 9:00pm PDT
the first witness in her own defense >> a dedicated, hoons professional who had nothing but the student's best interests at had a heart. >> a third grader describing a incident involving a teacher. sthee took notes and deputy district attorney highlighted things from the notes. that the 8-year-old blind followed ltd her and told her to lie down to the floor right there. to open your two legs and said first, to but the something in my mouth and wiggled my body back and forth and my head. >> the notes speak for themselves. i cannot imagine a reasonable person didn't understand or recognize that was being described there was a sexual act. >> the defendant says initially she was concerned but testified chandler convinced her the activity was part of a lesson plan involving helen kellor and sensory deprivation. they say the girl's mother and a district administrator did not suspect child abuse. >> i don't think anyone did anything wrong. i think the more people that knew about it and didn't think there was anything criminal. >> they should have known better especially when the child'
Nov 2, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. >> military will be trucking in feel to alleviate the long lines for gas. defense department will deliver 24 million gallons of extra fuel to the new york area and lift restrictions deliveries by foreign ships. aaa are reporting that half of the gas stations are closed, many because they are without power. pg&e is sending hundred more workers, 150 others were sent earlier this week from california. in the meantime, in manhattan, cheers tonight when their lights went back on. >> con edison had hoped to restore power to all of manhattan by tonight. it now looks like it will be tomorrow night so some blackouts may linger lo longer than that. across the entire region. three and a half million are still without power. statue of liberty is closed indefinitely. statue had reopened last week after a $30 million overhaul. >> we have a good samaritan story to bring you. joe ignored the risks to his own life to save a taxi driver who was stuck in the flood zone. he waded into chest high water to pump the water out of his suv. he says the driver looked like he was praying and preparing to die
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3